Thorium Molten Salt Reactor

viable pathway to a carbon free energy system

Thorium molten salt reactors have the potential to offer abundant, affordable, safe and clean energy for thousands of years. They can be an excellent supplement for energy from sun and wind. The concept has been proven in the 1960s. Realizing thorium’s full potential requires research.

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Abundant energy

Your entire lifetime supply of energy can be provided by a thorium chunk the size of a golf ball. We have enough thorium to power the world for many thousands of years.

A clean alternative

Thorium energy is clean and carbon free. Per consumer (urban lifestyle), it produces about 1 gram of waste per year. Of this gram, 83% needs storage for ten years, the remaining 17% for 300 years, after which it’s safe.

Safe nuclear power

Molten salt reactors will be inherently safe. The salt prevents hazardous materials from escaping. Melt-down, hydrogen- or pressure explosion are not possible in the MSR.

Cooperates with wind and sun

Sun and wind are intermittent energy sources, that require backup. Thorium MSR’s are excellent for providing this. MSR’s can ‘load follow’ automatically, by laws of nature. This means that if demand goes up, they produce more, if it goes down, they produce less.

Proliferation safety

The proliferation risk of a well-designed thorium-MSR is equal to existing nuclear power plants, which is very small. In addition, MSR’s can help to safely eliminate existing weapons material.

Clean industrial heat – driver of innovation

MSR’s high temperature energy is fit for many industrial applications. It will open routes for carbon free industrial production that are presently unavailable. Spin-offs from the research will stimulate industrial activity and deliver economic benefit.

A closed nuclear fuel cycle

Thorium MSR’s offer a viable path to a closed nuclear fuel cycle, without the need for centralized reprocessing or fast reactors. It will make nuclear energy easier to comprehend, easier to like and truly sustainable.

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